Conference Programme

A pdf of the programme is now available Final Programme


Tuesday 9 July   All main sessions in Pathfoot Lecture Theatre

14.00-14.15         Welcome

14.15-15.00         The Start of It All: Selkirk/Kelso and Reformed Monasticism in Scotland,

Richard Oram

15.00-15.15         Break

15.15-16.45         Panel 1 – Monks, Nuns and Canons in Northern Europe 1 (Augustinians, Benedictines and Cistercians)

Chair: tbc

Participants:      Oystein Ekroll, The Augustinian Order in Norway.

Emilia Jamroziak, Re-considering the role of Cistercians  houses in northern and north-eastern Europe from the twelfth to the fifteenth-century.

Izzy Hampton, ‘Cherishyng and kepyng in of the love of my lords Westmerland & Nevyll’: Neville Family Patronage at Durham Cathedral.

16.45-17.30         Break

17.30-18.30         Visit to Cambuskenneth Abbey


Wednesday 10 July

9.30-11.00           Parallel Sessions

Panel 2 – New Stories from Old: Reconsidering Monasticism and the Sources in France and Ireland

Chair: Erika Lauren Lindgren

Participants:      Heather Wacha, Women and the Abbey of Premontre: The Sources Revisited.

Yvonne Seale, Loughsewdy alias Plary: a Cistercian Nunnery Reconsidered.

Chris McFadin, Women and the Militarization of the Knights of St. John.


Panel 3 – Monastic Art, Architecture and Material Culture – from spires to sewers

Chair: tbc

Participants:      Richard Fawcett, The Architecture of the Valliscaulian Order in Scotland.

Derek Hall and George Haggarty, Monks, nuns, pots and tiles – ceramic material culture and Scottish monastic houses.

John Malden, Paisley Abbey Drain and Its Contents.

Panel 4 – A Clash of Cultures? Monasteries and Noble Patrons [Sponsored by History Lab Plus, IHR (London)].

Chair: Emilia Jamroziak

Participants:      Jonathan Gledhill, Natives, Normans and Monastic Patronage in 12th Century Scotland.

Adam Chapman, Neighbours from Hell: The Parrys and the Cistercians of Dore, 1397-1510.

11.00-11.30         Coffee

11.30-13.00         Plenary 1 Constance Berman, Amelioration and Investment by Cistercian Monks and


14.30-16.00         Parallel Sessions

Panel 5 – Benedictine Networks and Networking in the Long 12th Century: New Approaches [Session sponsored by Conventus ( and the Research Foundation-Flanders (].

Chair: tbc

                              Participants:        Koen Vanheule, A dynamic approach to abbatial networking: the pros and cons of working with databases.

Tjamke Snijders, “Litterae unius coloris fiant”: Between ideological networks and initials in the 12th century Low Countries.

Panel 6 – Monastic Life: the Cloister and the World Beyond

Chair: tbc

Participants:      Mark Hall, “plus ça change …” playtime reformed for the brothers and sisters?

Lene Myrdal, Monasteries and Monks Serving Secular Purposes.

Julie Kerr, Monastic Hospitality and the New Religious Orders.

Panel 7 – 3D Visualisation – an interpretative tool

Chair: tbc

Participants:      Audio-visual presentations on

1.       The Abbey of Cluny

2.       St Andrews Cathedral-Priory

Oliver O’Grady – Geophysical investigations at Scone, Inchmahome and Loch Leven.

16.00-16.15         Break

16.15-18.30         Visit to Dunblane Cathedral

Thursday 11 July

9.30-11.00           Parallel Sessions

Panel 8 – Tradition and Reform in the Anglo-Scottish Borderlands

Chair: tbc

Participants:      Neil McGuigan, The Church of Lothian Before the Scoto-Norman Era

                                Richard Oram, The Premonstratensians in Scotland

                                Judith Frost, When I find myself in times of trouble’: spiritual networks on the Borders.

Panel 9 – Monks, Nuns and Mendicants in Northern Europe (Cistercians, Cluniacs and Franciscans)

Chair: tbc

Participants:      Colman O’Clabaigh, Cistercians in Ireland: Frontiers and Ethnicity.

Yvonne McDermott, Ross Errilly Franciscan friary:  A rural house of the Observant reform in late medieval Ireland..

Hannelore Pepke-Dirix, Monastic Burgundy and the North: spiritual radiance and economic exchange

11.00-11.30         Coffee

11.30-13.00         Plenary 2 Janet Burton, The Regular Canons: an overview of recent historiography in

                                a British context.

14.30-16.00         Parallel Sessions

Panel 10 – Female Religious Houses in Britain and Ireland [Sponsor: History of Women Religious of Britain and Ireland (H-WRBI)].

Chair: Judith Frost

Participants:      Kimm Curran, What’s Left Behind? The material remains of Scotland’s medieval nunneries.

Tracy Collins, Female Monastic Orders in Later Medieval Ireland: an archaeological approach.

Linsey Hunter, Cistercian Sophistication?: Legal Aspects of the acta of Female Cistercian Houses in Scotland and Wales.

Panel 11 – Sources and Histories: Property and Identity

Chair: tbc

Participants:      Richard Millar, The Monastic Cartularies of Scone Abbey and the Wider Documentary Framework.

Brian Golding, Creative histories : fact and fiction in the foundation accounts of Stone priory and Dale abbey.

Anna Campbell, St Colette of Corbie (1381-1447): Absolute Poverty and Property Disputes

Conference Dinner – [delegates only] TBC


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